We are a group of free/free-thinking citizens who critically examine the events and consequences of the pandemic regulations and support each other.

Our current project!

"No coercion against children and young people"

We look back on two years of the corona pandemic. Even if we are not currently experiencing any restrictions or rules from the state, the drastic measures will remain in our memories forever. And we don't know what the future will bring...

The BGS 412.11 - Schools Act (SchulG) is supplemented as follows in § 22 Pupils' Rights Para. 4:


“Medical and epidemiological measures affecting healthy children and young people, in particular examinations, vaccinations, wearing hygiene masks, testing, isolation, etc., are not binding for children and young people, their parents/representatives; such do not have to be followed - without penalty and without disadvantages for those named. Individual measures can only be applied if the child is willing to do so, parents/representatives documented by written consent.”

statements from children

«I need more air!"


"The sticks hurt me!"


"Mami everything is closed, only the forest isn't"

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